JavaWorks looks at going green not as a chore but as a challenge and an opportunity! Our goal is to deliver excellent office coffee service and break-room supplies, while doing our best to minimize our environmental footprint.  We challenge ourselves to do better every day and value the opportunity to be leader to in bringing environmentally friendly solutions to the market!

We loved the recent news that St. Petersburg was nominated the first “green city” in Florida.  They were awarded this as a result of taking proactive steps toward minimizing harmful chemicals in our oceans by banning plastic straws and styrofoam. Straws may not seem like a big problem but they are. Americans use a lot of straws, around 500 million daily! If roughly a third of all plastics end up in the ocean, approximately 165,000,000 straws end up in the ocean every day.

Every little bit helps and we understand that straws are only one part of our challenge to minimize pollution. One of the leading cause of footprint, is K cups.  JavaWorks is proud to offer a 100% eco-friendly solution which not only eliminates environmental footprint, but also eliminates the harmful chemicals to our bodies caused by the heating of plastics in K-cups and Flavia. Our single serve coffee pods are 100% recyclable and free of polystyrene, which is one of the dangerous chemicals released when heated.

And while today may be about the removal of straws and styrofoam, tomorrow’s goals are focused on greenhouse gases! St Petersburg has also launched an Energy Efficiency Plan with goals to reduce vehicle emissions and support more energy efficient homes and businesses. St Petersburg will be 100% reliable on clean energy sources by 2030, and that’s something to celebrate.

We, at JavaWorks are embedded in the Central Florida community. We love the people, the weather, and most of all, the beaches! Part of what makes Florida so great are the miles and miles of white sand coastline. We look forward to serving you for years to come and want our children to enjoy the beaches, oceans and outdoors the same way we did. So join us in helping make Central Florida the shining example for the rest of the country. If you’d like to get in on the green movement, while seriously upgrading your office coffee, check out our website and the various services and products today! Let us show you how we have revolutionized the break-room, creating healthy, tasty and green ways for your office


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