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Be The Best At Serving The Best

This is our mission statement and it means that JavaWorks is a company built on Customer Engagement. We pride ourselves on a service-based culture in all levels of our organization and offering the highest customer service standards. We recognize that excellent relationships start with good people and great service.

Since 2007 we have been serving the Greater Tampa, Orlando and Lakeland markets as a market leader in coffee and breakroom supplies, water filtration programs, and micro market services. Our company specializes in adding convenience and efficiency to your office; from our easy ordering options to our ever-expanding family of name brand quality products, we are here to help you. Whether you are a local business or a large corporation, our commitment is to serve every one of our customers with personal attention and care. This commitment provides us the opportunity to deliver additional value to our customer by offering the latest in coffee brewing technology, inventory management systems, personalized ancillary support items with your logo, organic/eco-friendly offerings, and most importantly delivering these products to you with a smile. Our ultimate goal is to help our partners create a “break-room experience” as we recognize the significant value in satisfied customers and employees.

As our mission statement states, our goal is to “be the best, at serving the best”, and on behalf of our organization at JavaWorks, we look forward to serving you.


Location equals world class service


Corporate Office:

6818 Benjamin Rd
Tampa, FL 33634

Regional Office:

101 Drennen Road
Orlando, FL 32806


I’m the Office Manager for Vector Solutions in Two Urban Centre and we started using JavaWorks a little over a year ago, and I would like to express how pleased our company is with their coffee and services.  Our coffee is always delivered as scheduled and on time, and if I need anything off schedule, they are always happy to accommodate.

I have used other coffee companies before JavaWorks, and I will have to say, the services of others pale in comparison.
 – Melanie Wild




We started using JavaWorks in August 2017 and couldn’t be happier. We initially used a different company that provided K-cups, but we found residents took them up to their unit, and the service became cost prohibitive. We don’t have that problem with JavaWorks, the coffee tastes great! I highly recommend giving them a try. Please feel free to give me a call if you had any additional questions.

– Todd  Vance, First Service Residential




We love the team at JavaWorks and appreciate the time the time they took in helping customize the perfect program for our office. We we using K Cups before and were just having challenges on with our provider so called them in to learn about other options. Upon doing so we were presented the Wolfgang Puck Pod program which we absolutely love! Easy to use, much better quality and more diverse options which includes espresso! Also prior to speaking with JavaWorks we hadn’t thought about the harmful chemicals we were drinking as a result of the plastics of the KCups being heated up to 200 degrees to brew and the harmful chemicals being transferred into our drinks as a result. Not only do we not have to worry about this anymore but we also love that the whole product is Eco-Friendly plus we have more options and overall much better quality beverages. JavaWorks also took the time to upload our business logo onto the machine and upgraded our merchandisers to nice stainless steel ones. Overall, its quick to see they care and we are thrilled to have them as our break-room/coffee solutions provider!

– Kenneth B, Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

At JavaWorks Service our job is to support your business – making sure your office break room is at its best.

We receive numerous questions daily from prospective clients who want to know more about us – from the products we carry, to our services, our staff, how our delivery process works and much more.   In order to facilitate your decision making we’ve selected a few of the most common questions receive and our answers below.

However, if you happen to have your own particular questions please feel free to contact us by phone or using our convenient online contact form.

1. Does JavaWorks Coffee Service charge for equipment repairs and maintenance?
No. JavaWorks performs repair and maintenance at no charge.
2. Where does JavaWorks deliver, and is there a minimum order for delivery?
We currently service 16 counties throughout Central Florida.

Minimum order requirements? Contact your local office for details related to minimum orders – this is based on your equipment package and frequency of service.

3. How do I order from JavaWorks Coffee Services?
Once you become a JavaWorks customer you will be contacted by our courteous customer service staff, or, if you prefer, you can call us! This call will be to remind you that in 2-3 days your route driver will be in your area and will be able to bring your supplies up to par…so you never run out of your favorite items! We also have a convenient on-line ordering system as we recognize businesses have varying needs so we have positioned options for everyone. However, if ever an urgent need should arise, just contact us by phone or email to schedule a next day, off-route delivery.
4. How often will our rep visit our office to stock items?
Multiple times per month if needed but at least once every month.
5. How do I make orders between my scheduled delivery when supplies are short?
With our full route service inventory system this should rarely if ever occur. If for any reason it does, you can call your customer service representative, log into your web portal or email an order to your local service center anytime for an unscheduled delivery.
6. Can I modify my scheduled orders?
Yes, changes in stock levels, adding new items, etc., can all be modified by contacting your customer service representative or route delivery personnel.
7. How am I billed?
You will receive an invoice at the point of each delivery. Statements are mailed the first week of every month.
8. Do you offer an auto-pay with our company credit card?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards.
9. How long does it take to setup a new office coffee program?
Your custom coffee plan can be completely set up and ready to brew your first cup within 1-4 working days, after signing up.

Interested in what
JavaWorks can do for you?

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