Elkay Smartwell

Create your own custom beverages on demand with no need for disposable bottles or cans. With an easy to operate touch screen, users can mix-and-match fruit flavors and add enhancements to fresh, filtered water – still or sparkling. With up to 10 single flavors (mix and match two at a time!) and zero calorie sweeteners, this is a healthy, refreshing experience for every taste bud. Check out some of the flavor options here.

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Elkay Smartwell Countertop

The smaller version of the Elkay Smartwell line fits neatly on breakroom countertops but still packs the same flavor profile as the big brother. Enjoy more than 70 beverage combinations: choose still or sparkling water, add flavors,  natural sweetener, electrolytes, Vitamin C or caffeine. 

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Ion Water System

A healthy life begins with clean, healthy water; it doesn’t get any more basic than that. Always bottle-free and freshly filtered, you’re assured that your water never sits stagnant in a plastic container. Just press a button and enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot or sparkling water. What could be simpler than replacing 8,000 – 16 oz. bottles with a single Natural Choice filter? It’s good for you and good for the environment, so turn on the tap and relax knowing you’re doing the right thing for your body and the planet. Bee the button below for a picture of the ION set up with sparkling syrups to add as enhancement fun.

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Oasis Counter Top

With a stylish look and the newest technology, this space-saving water dispenser will fit perfectly on your breakroom countertop. Designed to fill large sport bottles as well as cups, it features Hot, Cold and Ambient water from a single dispense point.

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Oasis Mirage POU Water System

With a stylish design to match contemporary kitchen and break room decors, this cooler combines ease-of-use and versatility into one! Eliminate heavy lifting of five gallon water bottles with bottom load access, and with the stainless steel reservoir and hot tank; this system offers Tri-temp delivery: hot, ambient and cold.

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Segafredo Zanetti Cold Brew

Introducing the all new cold/nitro brew system!  Our industry has long been calling for an easy to use, convenient, plug & play high quality cold brew and nitro system.  Segafredo has created a completely turn-key system which offers both cold-brew and nitro at the pull of a handle.  It is a countertop design which does not need a waterline or nitrogen as it uses a quick connect bag-in-box technology with internal refrigeration to ensure optimum freshness.  This unit is designed to support any level of demand from low to high volume.   

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Cold Brew

Our cold brew collections from companies like Stok, La Colombe, and Made, are hand-selected from the finest artisan roasted beans. The cold brew extraction process produces a highly concentrated liquid that captures the flavor of fresh-brewed coffee your costumers will enjoy cup after cup. Try some of our flavored syrups to create amazing taste profiles too!

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Bunn Coffee & Tea Brewer

It will brew into 1 or 1.5 gallon coffee servers as well as a three gallon tea urn! This brewer is very versatile; it is also able to do one half pots or full pots allowing varying needs to be accounted for properly.

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Follett Series 15 Ice Machine

Looking to produce even more ice for the office? The 15 Series countertop ice and water dispenser produces up to 125 lbs of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice per day, while holding 15 lbs of ice in storage, ideal for work groups up to 75 people. An optional base stand allows the countertop model to be converted to a freestanding unit.

Dimensions: 22″ high x 14″ wide x 23″ deep 

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Follett Series 7 Ice Machine

The Follet company produces the best solutions for workplace ice.  Sleek, compact, multi-functional in that they can deliver both ice and filtered water, these units are the perfect addition to any office.  Many of our customers comment and praise how these units produce the “fun ice” that is great for soda/beverages as it’s easy to chew! 

Dimensions: 17″ high x 14″ wide x 22″ deep 

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Brewed Teas

A refreshing change of pace, a best in class beverage, and a break from the summertime heat; JavaWorks is proud to offer Joffrey’s teas, a diverse offering of hand blended teas of the finest quality.


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