The office coffee station can be a polarizing expense for employers. Do you splurge on coffee delivery or a commercial coffee machine? What is the upside? Well, according to national surveys all over the country, proper office coffee service and well stocked breakroom supplies can boost productivity through the roof! However, the bottom line is an ever present consideration.

That is why many companies buy a K-Cup coffee machine and hope that satisfies their workforce. Unfortunately, Keuring or other K-Cup coffee dispensaries aren’t the best option for a wide variety of reasons. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out the downsides to K-Cup coffee for employer, and employees and the environment!

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Pollution of the oceans and our planet is awful.

Drinking coffee made from heated polystyrene is bad for your health

Javaworks to the rescue!

About Those Water Levels:

In this case, we aren’t talking about how much water for the ideal cup of joe, but rather, the ocean. Global warming is a heavy subject that we won’t get into here, however, we can all agree that pollution is bad, right?

Well, 60-90 percent of the pollution in the world’s oceans is plastic and single use plastics are the worst offender of all. K-Cup coffee is an especially damaging contributor because 95% of the plastic is non-recyclable. Also, think of the tons and tons of plastic that is required to make up the approximately 8.3 billion K-Cups that are made annually.

They may be convenient a way to make your coffee but they are causing problems for mother Earth, which many of us have grown fond of over the years. By switching from K-Cup coffee you can save money and the planet. What’s a better combination than that?

K-Cup Coffee May Be Bad For Your Health:

This idea may upset some people who have grown to like the simplicity of their K-Cup coffee. Unfortunately for K-Cup lovers it’s simply the truth, and tt starts with the plastic. Plastics are full of problematic chemicals like polystyrene, and when your machine heats the water to over 190 degrees and then runs it through that little plastic pod, chemicals are released, ending up in your coffee. These chemicals could cause weight gain, hormone imbalance, and even fertility problems.

But what can be done about these serious issues? Javaworks to the rescue! We have heard our customers’ concerns and we now offer eco-friendly K-Cup options. You can still have your favorite flavor profiles that you’ve come to love, but without the harmful chemicals; and, to top things off, the price of our K-cup alternatives is very comparable, meaning you can have your coffee and help save the earth for the same price! What could be better than that?

If you are in the Tampa or Orlando area, check out Javaworks to improve all aspects your office coffee. We offer solutions to everything our customers need.


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