Office coffee service has been around since the Mad Men days. Back then, as long as you had a cigarette to go with your cup of Joe, that was considered an excellent start to the day. Since then coffee service has changed more than the office attire from the ‘60’s. Today coffee is at a crossroads, at least that was the theme of this year’s National Coffee Association’s convention in Atlanta.

Bill Murray, no, not that Bill Murray, President and CEO of the NCA Bill Murray, predicted that “The decisions we make today as an industry will determine our direction in the years to come.” Here are three of areas of progression in office coffee service and K cup coffee to watch out for.

Upcoming Coffee Trends!

CBD – infused coffee


Improvements to single cup technology

Coffee Joining the Health is Wealth Revolution:

Coffee, for all its amazing attributes, has vacillated between not so healthy and very healthy, depending on which study you read. In 2019, coffee gurus have begun tinkering with various healthy additions to the tried and true jitter juice. CBD oil is all the rage for all types of maladies: ranging from an elixir for an anxious golden retriever to relief for a troublesome back.

Since 64% of US adults enjoy coffee as part of their daily routine, why not mix some potentially health boosting additives into your coffee fix? CBD oil has proven beneficial for inflammation and oxidative stress as well as potentially having colon cancer fighting and neuroprotective properties. The research on CBD is still in its infancy; however, anecdotal evidence is positive.

Millennials are particularly fond of the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee, so look for increased experimentation within that sector of on-the-go coffee as well. More and more money is also being invested into the potential health benefits coffee may have. Hopefully, in the near future, we can solve the age-old question: how healthy is coffee?

Bean Sustainability:

Coffee is an essential part of millions of people’s lives, so it’s no surprise that the coffee industry mirrors the hot button issues of the day. In 2019, nothing may be more in line with what’s going on in the world than sustainability. We at JavaWorks think it’s fair to say that most of us have grown fond of planet Earth and would prefer to stay here as opposed to moving to Mars, despite the scenic red rocks.

Therefore, it makes complete sense that consumers overwhelmingly support sustainability and “green” business policies. Initially, sustainable coffee referred to where the beans were grown and how other resources were used in its growth. They were reasonable first attempts at more sustainable practices at the source.

Today, sustainability refers to all aspects of the coffee industry from packaging to transportation, even waste management. The more the coffee industry pushes a sustainable agenda, the more we can cut back on various harmful plastics and other materials that have an adverse effect on old mother Earth. To the consumer: be aware of companies exaggerating their “greenness.” It’s a lot easier to talk about saving the world than actually doing it.

The Evolution of Single cup Coffee:

We recently wrote about the potential downsides of K cup coffee. It appears the industry may have been listening. 2019 appears to be the year of market innovations in single cup coffee. Whether it’s improvements to the brewing process, advancements in the equipment, or additional experiences provided to the end users, single cup coffee is poised to see improvements in multiple ways. 

Coffee, for many people, is king. There are many people who don’t want words directed at them until that life-giving liquid hits their lips. We at JavaWorks deeply believe in the power of coffee and that is why we offer the best coffee service in the Tampa, Orlando, and Central Florida area. Whether you are looking for a fresh perspective on commercial coffee offerings, coffee delivery, environmental water-filtration systems, world class inventory management, snacks or cold beverages for your office, JavaWorks has you covered. Check out our website for more info and ways we can align with your businesses goals.


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