It has been five years since the country woke up to the news 49 people were devastatingly gunned down in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida — an attack that ripped away the innocence of a community known for family vacations to Disney World and with it leaving the LGBTQ community on edge during a month of Pride celebrations. Survivors of the attack and those who lost loved ones at Pulse nightclub in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, are still grappling with the trauma of that night — an attack that targeted members of the LGBTQ community. 


The tragic event that took place at the Pulse nightclub is located less than a mile from our Orlando distribution center that supports our service of our Central Florida & Lakeland customers. While the pain, hurt, and confusion will never subside, we continue to remember and honor those whose lives were lost by taking action, spreading love and kindness, and remaining united. And this year, the ability to be together again in person to honor and remember the survivors and victims’ carries even more meaning. 


Our team at JavaWorks proudly believes in the ‘Oneness of Life’ and supports the work of all amazing organizations below. We have donated where able and are excited to continue supporting their amazing efforts and the creation they have formed which consists of a collaboration of professionals dedicated to learning, teaching, and delivering transformational healing to the local community and beyond.


We promise to never forget the beautiful lives that were lost that night and will continue to pray for the many friends and families of the victims.



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