:At JavaWorks we have designed and implemented over 300 breakrooms in Central Florida, and consider ourselves fully qualified breakroom experts! Our process always starts with a look at the customer location, gathering information about the number of visitors, their brand, and their goals for customer and employee experience. 

We know that no customer is the same, so we are ready with a huge list of all our product options (from coffee and tea to snacks and supplies and literally everything in between) and we can share product videos, samples, and brochures of everything we have to offer. 

Once the customer selects their custom solution, and the breakroom is created and fully operational, we offer our same day service so no customer is EVER out of stock. In addition, we consistently test and implement new product offerings from our vendors to provide best in class solutions. A good example is the new touch-free coffee system, where an employee or customer can order directly from their smartphone without having to touch a shared screen. 

Here is a look at a few recent customer installations! We hope that you appreciate them as much as we do:





Daytona Beach

We’re looking forward to providing you an incredible experience via a custom-designed breakroom experience in Tampa, Orlando, or Central Florida, and we hope that you think of us when you’re on the market for one! Breakrooms are what we do, and customer satisfaction is what we live for.

Please reach out to us at any time via [email protected] or 1-800-708-3931 for a free consultation and quote. 


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