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What is Kleen Slate?

Kleen-Slate Antimicrobial Film is an adhesive product like transparent packing tape. The film is coated with naturally-occurring mineral ions that destroy microorganism on the top surface of the tape.

The film is designed to be applied to frequently-touched hard surfaces such as railings, door handles, faucets, buttons, touchscreens and other frequently touched surfaces. The product can be sized in sheets for larger surfaces and custom configurated.

How does it work?

Kleen-Slate Antimicrobial Film is impregnated with safe, non‐toxic, silver and copper ions that have been shown to have antimicrobial properties. The silver‐copper zeolite antimicrobial agent is embedded in the film surface. As humidity in the environment naturally interacts with the silver‐copper zeolites, ions are omitted which interact with the cells of microorganisms and interrupt their ability to function or reproduce. This safe and nontoxic release of the ions is continuous and they remain active over long periods of time.

 Why we love it!

The antimicrobial compound has been shown to provide antimicrobial efficacy in just a few minutes while maintaining optimal killing and inhibitory performance for months.

We have embraced this technology and are happy to add it to our products and services to offer enhanced levels of protection to our customers. Keep your Tampa and Orlando offices safe and contact us today for more information!


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