In our last post, we went over how important office coffee service is to employees (hint, very) and a few key factors that go into a great cup of coffee. Now we’d like to go even deeper into the weeds on what separates OK coffee from amazing, make your day coffee. Naturally, we at JavaWorks live and breathe coffee and are obsessed with delivering top-quality coffee that gives you a ten minute vacation from life. You know, that delightful taste and sensation that leaves you just slightly disappointed that the cup has ended.
It may come as a surprise but great coffee is a science. And we at JavaWorks have gone all Einstein to figure out how to produce that quality cup of joe time and time again. So without further ado, let’s learn the keys to brewing the perfect cup of java.

The Science of the Brew:

Everyone knows that the quality of your bean is essential. However, you might not know that equally as important is the actual brewing process. We are going to break down the critical elements of that process:

Wetting: Aptly named, wetting is when the coffee begins to absorb water and release those oh so sweet smelling aromas. For the coffee to be just right, the wetting must be an even process. To get really specific, the entire bed of the coffee must be evenly wet within the first 10% of the overall brewing time. Consistent wetting is step one to a perfect cup of jitter juice.

Extraction: This is the process in which coffee grounds dissolve and become what makes us not hate ourselves in the morning. The coffee that has you walking on water is found at the beginning of the extraction process. The height of the graph to the right is where the best coffee is made. However, that doesn’t mean phrase two and three are dregs. Actually, the best cup of coffee is a combination of all three phases.

Hydrolysis: During hydrolysis, the dissolved coffee grounds go from good to great, as proteins and sugars blend to make that perfectly balanced cup.

Match Made in Coffee Heaven:
So now you know the different phases that coffee goes through during brew time. Here’s another vital brewing fact: you must match the length of the brew cycle with the grind size and your bed depth. The larger the grind crystals, the longer your coffee must brew. That’s because the larger the crystals, the more time the water needs to evenly penetrate them. Here’s a general timeline to follow:

Make Your Bed Properly:
Bed depth is also significant factor. Too shallow of a coffee bed and you get watery coffee; too thick and you’ve got over-extracted, bitter coffee. The ideal coffee bed in your brew basket is between an inch to two inches.

Don’t Get Antsy:
Sometimes you need coffee NOW, not in 3 minutes when the brewing process has completed. However, when you do that, you rob yourself of that perfectly balanced cup of mud. As we mentioned previously, coffee solids turn to coffee but that process occurs in stages as seen on the right. Don’t think of the first stage as the best, think of all three stages combining to make great coffee.

Coffee is very important to a lot of people. Even kids know not to be completely nuts until parents have their ten minutes of coffee bliss. At JavaWorks we understand that and we know that coffee at work is doubly important. That’s why we offer the best office coffee service available in Florida. Check out our website for more information on how our coffee service can change your office.


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