JavaWorks has the pleasure of attending the Fast 50 events this year in our Markets and truly enjoyed the time and fun shared with these great companies and people. We cherish the chance to serve this group as we recognize a large part of their success,
comes from the standards they carry throughout their business. Currently, we are grateful and honored to provide services for over 20% of this list! These companies are a major catalyst in Tampa & Orlando’s current climate of business growth. We recognize these companies for the diligence and passion they bring to our marketplaces and creating opportunities for so many in Central Florida’s economy. Thank you FAST 50!!

Both Tampa and Orlando had Fast 50 events this year, recognizing the companies and local business leaders that fire up Florida’s economic engine; their success represents the continuation of all of our journeys together in this incredible state!

Here’s a few of the key stats these companies represent. They are vital to our community and we ask all our customers/friends to please engage locally with our businesses. The passion and heartbeat they bring to a relationship is unmatched:

The Stats:

The companies being celebrated in the Orlando event represented $2.44 billion
in annual revenue and over 5,000 employees.

The companies leading the Tampa Bay area represented over 3,900 employees and
$6.2 billion in annual revenue

The fastest riser on the list grew by 1625% in revenue in the last twelve months.


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