Greetings JavaWorks Family, we hope this message finds you well! We join you today excited to share with you a little about one of our latest offerings, the Elkay Smartwell cold beverage solution. We couldn’t be prouder to be the preferred partner for Elkay in the Central Florida region, as their state of the art system, is rich with uniqueness and offers plenty to be excited about. 

Elkay’s focus in developing the Smartwell was to transcend the cold beverage drink experience by creating a system that would offer a sustainable, interactive and intuitive experience for the patron. Our customers who are looking to add additional ambiance to their office have valued the many differentiating factors offered by the Elkay. The Smartwell houses up to (8) different flavors, which also includes some really fun and functional enhancement options such as vitamin C, electrolytes, caffeine and Stevia as a sweetener. The variety of flavors and enhancements can all be combined and mixed uniquely providing the patron a truly customized experience. 

This system has been adopted first by our customers who were not only providing their employees coffee and filtered water, but cold canned & bottled drinks as an added amenity. For these customers we presented the Smartwell system first as we knew it would add a layer of fun to their office environment while also providing a significant cost savings opportunity in comparison giving away ready to drink beverages. They were amazed and excited at the over 60% cost reduction and chose to take a portion of the savings they had achieved by bringing in the Smartwell system and offer catered meals to the office a few times a month. Win for the employees, win for them achieving the next level of waste reduction and fiscal win as they saved money! 

We love helping our customers in this way, where we not only address the immediate need but also do all we can to create and provide strategic value. Being a full-service, office coffee service company that provides a complete offering of coffee, water filtration, snack, and cold beverage solutions, it provides us great opportunity to think outside of the box. If you are in Central Florida market, including Tampa, Orlando, and Lakeland, we would be grateful to learn about your goals and share with you how we can help in achieving them. Give us a call today and we look forward to speaking with you soon. 


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