The United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world. Last week in Central Florida, the Allen N. Reeves Heros Foundation golf charity event exemplified what really makes America such an awesome country.

It’s people helping people for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. The Allen N. Reeves Heroes Foundation brought together a great group of people for an outstanding day of golf. The people of the day were military personnel and their families. They are the hard-working people who put their lives on the line so the rest of us may rest easy. We do have Veterans Day, but as a country, we too, often forget the sacrifices and dangerous work that the military undertakes so we may enjoy our freedom.

It’s these sacrifices by our men and women of the armed forces that the Allen N. Reeves Heroes Foundation was celebrating by throwing an all-time golf charity event. Proceeds went to active and retired military veterans, providing toys, bikes and other items to military families around the holidays. Military families sacrifice enough around the holidays; many times they are thousands of miles apart. That is why The Reeves Foundation does everything within its power to provide some holiday cheer for the families we should all be saluting.

JavaWorks proudly attended and supported the event that could not have gone more perfectly. The weather was pristine and the Allen N. Reeves Foundation dotted every I and crossed every T. Everyone who attended was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail and festive atmosphere that permeated through every yard of the golf course. From customized belts to massage tables, to amazing food, the Allen N. Reeves Foundation threw an event to be remembered!

At the heart of everything was the military members and their families, who are far too often not appreciated in the way they deserve. The Allen Reeves Foundation endeavors to help military families and remind them that their sacrifices are not in vain and don’t go unnoticed. Many of these families are forced to be apart during Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays, all the times that we take for granted when we are with the people we love.

That is why JavaWorks was so proud to be apart of the charity golf event and will continue to support the initiative that the Reeves foundation started in Central Florida. At JavaWorks, much like the Reeves Foundation, we genuinely care about the people of Central Florida.

Unlike other companies that traverse the country, we are entrenched in this community and want to be more than just the best coffee company in Central Florida. We want to be a company that Central Florida feels a kinship with. We will continue to support local people and local companies, so come check us out and have a conversation! And never forget to support our veterans.


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