CX Touch

This intuitive system will allow you brew mild, medium, bold coffees, specialty blends, organic teas and even espresso’s. In addition, the CX Touch will allow you to do a full assortment of specialty beverages including latte’s, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, café mocha, mochaccinos, etc. You can also upload your businesses logo to the screen for complete customization.

Virtual, no-touch ordering is now standard to the CX Touch! Please check out the QR Code PDF below to see how it works. 

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CX Touch Touchless Solutions Video Newco CX Touch – Large Cup Riser Option.

Fresh Cup Touch

Fresh Cup Touch interactive touch screen with your eco-friendly pods to deliver one fresh cup of coffee w/ varying brew strengths & sizes, espresso, or a full complement of organic teas. Bring a glass of ice and brew directly into it for your iced coffee as well!  This innovative machine accommodates a wide selection of coffees & teas ensuring the brewing process is simple and intuitive for the user.

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Newco Fresh Cup Touch – Touchless Solutions Video

Flavia C600

Introducing the New FLAVIA® CREATION 600 The one brewer that powers workplace happiness. Breaks are a treasured part of employees’ days.1 The FLAVIA C600 offers the flavor and variety that packs more enjoyment into every break—and more happiness into every workday. And with a host of features that take work off your plate, you can get a little more “ahhhh” in your day, too. • Unmatched selection of hot/cold and dairy/non-dairy drinks in one system.  Serves up to 14 types of hot and cold beverages, including coffees, teas, lattes, infused waters, and more.
Dimensions: H 17.1″ x W 12.1″ x D 20.1″


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The perfect design of blend and performance. Designed especially with the needs of large offices and collaborative areas in mind, The MARS DRINKS™ FLAVIA® Creation 500 blends stylish design with enhanced drinks and menu display options making it easier than ever to create and enjoy the perfect brew.

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Keurig K Cup

The K3000SE Commercial Brewing System is a full-featured brewer that has direct-water-line plumbing for back-to-back brewing in under a minute. Designed for use in large businesses, it offers a choice of 4 brew sizes and automatic K-Cup® pod ejection with built-in disposal bin. This brewer is ANSI certified to NSF standards for use in food service.

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Cafe Bustelo/Folgers Excellence Compact

Give your break room some coffee shop vibes! With a sleek modern design and ergonomically compact footprint, the Excellence Compact provides up to six coffee beverage selections, including drinks made with milk or chocolate.  Priced as the most cost effective single-cup option on the market today, this sleek, modern design is available as seen.  

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Newco Bistro Touch Machine

The Bistro Touch delivers specialty drinks that consumers are looking for by combining on-demand coffee with powdered milk and chocolate. In a matter of seconds vs. minutes, the Bistro Touch delivers great tasting drinks to any workplace or public environment.  Together we can all do our part for the health and safety of ourselves and those around us. Newco has developed this touchless capability and is offering it free of charge on all new Bistro Touch brewers.   

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Newco LCD-2

Mild or bold, hot or cold! The LCD-2 offers you coffee on demand, just the way you want. The LCD-2 is available in a hot only machine with an LED display and soft touch control panel or with a stainless-steel door and gravity faucets. The hot and ambient machine offers hot and iced coffee or tea, and the ambient only machine is great for cold beverages. The delivery system ensures highly accurate product to water ratios while protecting the extract from air ensuring the integrity of the beverage.

Cold Brew

Our cold brew collections from companies like Stok, La Colombe, and Made, are hand-selected from the finest artisan roasted beans. The cold brew extraction process produces a highly concentrated liquid that captures the flavor of fresh-brewed coffee your costumers will enjoy cup after cup. Try some of our flavored syrups to create amazing taste profiles too!

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