Good afternoon to all of our friends and family,

We hope this message finds you all well and enjoying this beautiful day! We are continuing to share positive messages from some of our most amazing leaders during this time, and hope that the words inspire you as they do us. 

Below is an excerpt from a weekly journal by Coach Raveling where he writes about one example of the many opportunities we have to influence ourselves and families in a positive way. Leaders come in many forms and every day is a blessed opportunity to take the lead and make a difference in not only our own lives, but the lives of others around us. 

Please remember the possibilities for good in every day and we wish you all peace and wonderful weekend. 

All the best,

The JavaWorks Team 

We must have the courage to embrace change wholeheartedly and authentically. At 82, I have come to realize there were moments in my life where time was wasted due to not being self-disciplined enough to cleanse my mind and let go of old habits. I was resistant to evolving into a new frontier. This hesitation halted my holistic growth at times. Life in my latter years has become about cultivating ways to stay relevant while simplifying the process of excellence.

Life is not a one-act play. You are the writer, director, actor, and producer of the story you wish to tell and live. Life becomes your script, while the experiences become your words. We must be a living example of what we preach. Our talk will not walk and saying it is not the same as being it.

Each day a leader is taking an exam. Those we lead are searching for answers, solutions, comfort, and hope. It is incumbent upon us as leaders to craft messages and game plans that speak to the heart of our team’s needs. We must seek new ways to lead and new ways to build relationships.

Amid ever-interesting times, these are opportune moments to dispose of old ways of thinking and to welcome new ways of thinking. One way to do this is by surrounding and connecting ourselves with elite and uncommon thinkers. We must be receptive to embracing new relationships and friendships. Individuals who might not look and act like us, but they gracefully challenge us to view the world through another lens.

Do not allow the fear of the unknown to stop you from living, leading, and challenging the status quo. May the week ahead be filled with vibrant health, inner peace, gratitude, grace, and self-discovery.

— Coach George Raveling


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