Good afternoon to all of our friends and customers.

Hope the holiday served you well and the weekend provided a chance to remind you of the glory, grace and gift life is.  I know this current season offers no shortage of uncertainty, however we have been very proud of the courage and perseverance we as a team have shown throughout.  Let’s all continue to remain grounded and centered by refreshing ourselves with positive contributions to our perspective. 

Below is an excerpt from a weekly journal a mentor of mine, Coach Raveling writes; it’s one example of the many opportunities we have to influence ourselves and families in a positive way. Stay disciplined and peaceful my friends, and growth through this season will ensue!

Please let us know any way we can help you and we wish you all a great week.

All the best,

The JavaWorks Team 

Our perception is our reality. Reality denied always comes back to haunt us. We tend to get stuck in old habits of thinking and living. Many times we can allow past rejections, heartbreaks, disappointments, or failures to take up permanent residence in our minds. Each day our mind requires updating and upgrading. The fixed mindset is the enemy of possibility. 

All too often, adversity blinds us to the opportunities that lie just behind the bend in the road. It is only those with the determination and the will to win from within who realize you cannot have greatness without some resistance. Those who continually persist and discipline their minds and bodies to overcome obstacles ultimately achieve excellence. 

Persistence is the will that drives a person to endure that sometimes bumpy ride. Recognize there will be failures on the road to greatness. Believe in yourself, and don’t lose sight of your vision, goals, and why you started. Inspirational speaker and former Tennessee Volunteers football player Inky Johnson captures the essence of persistence brilliantly. He says, “Commitment is staying true to what you said you would do long after the mood that you said it in has left.”  

During these challenging times, we need to pull ideas from everywhere, while remaining open to having our minds changed. An idea is not going to do anything for us until we do something productive with it. We have a unique opportunity to develop new mental muscles today that will serve us for years to come. Think bigger while being a part of something greater than yourself.

At 82, I have come to realize life is filled with unanswered questions. Questions that teach us the most about who we are and what we stand for. Be patient and kind with your self-discovery journey while exploring the world and people around you. No matter the discomfort or uncertainty, hold yourself to the highest standards. We have the chance to get better, not bitter. There is no transforming the future without disrupting the present. It is only through enduring the pain of the struggle that we can genuinely appreciate the fruits of our labor.

— Coach George Raveling 


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