Though summer may be coming to an end, here in Central Florida we’ve still got plenty of warm sunshine days left this year. Find a refreshing way to cool down with JavaWorks’ latest offering- cold brew coffee!

What exactly is cold brew coffee and what makes it so unique? Cold brew coffee- or Nitro Coffee- has become one of the trendiest new ways to consume your favorite coffee beverage. Whereas most of our office coffee systems are plumbed in with fresh water, the Nitro brew coffee also adds another element, you guessed it- Nitrogen. The nitrogen is pumped through the coffee using a kegerator system more commonly associated with beer or soda. When mixed with coffee concentrate the result is a delicious and creamy mouthfeel that takes your average cup of coffee to the next level of enjoyment. Our kegerator systems add a fun and boutique feel to any of our Central Florida friends, breakroom setting.

When deciding if a Nitro system is right for your breakroom, here are some factors to consider. With a Nitro system you get a cold fresh beverage in a single-cup solution, so no more wasted pots of coffee. Furthermore, when you order your typical iced coffee, you get just that- mostly ice, resulting in a watered-down drink. The Nitro system completely alleviates that issue. Finally, the nitrogen acts as a natural preservative so that supplies will last longer than with most coffee concentrates.  An Overview of Nitro Coffee Technology and Systems

Though if your office is anything like ours, the cold brew will be so popular you’ll be surprised how quickly you go through supplies! No worries though, JavaWorks is a turn-key solution and will coordinate all components of delivery including coffee products and nitrogen tanks. We also offer same-day service solutions should any unforeseen issues arise. We take all the guess work out of your office coffee service so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

If you happen to be in the Orlando area we know just where to find the best cold brew coffee (outside of our client’s offices, of course) and that is Golden Hills Coffee Roasters and Espresso bar. Located in the Montrose Street Market in Clermont, Golden Hills has been serving up traditional hot coffee as well as their signature Florida Cold Brew in the central Florida region since 2010 . Florida Cold Brew is a nitrogen infused beverage which gives it its smooth finish on every pour. Stop into the café for a single cup, or work with JavaWorks to bring this indulgent amenity to your office breakroom and have cold brew on tap every single day.


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