The Sego is a fully automatic espresso machine. The size of the Sego is truly unique as it is the first bean to cup machine that is under 24” tall. This machine is ergonomically designed, offering fresh, whole beans and two bins, housing milk and cocoa to offer specialty beverages. Digital images can be uploaded as a screensaver. The pedestal is a great feature (see PDF below) which enhances the storage capacity of the machine allowing it to be more convenient for our customers.

Dimensions: 23″ high x 12″ wide x 18″ deep
Offers touch virtual, no-touch ordering
Employee count: This machine is a great fit for offices of 40+ employees.


Video Download Sego PDFDownload Pedestal PDF

Cafection Encore

This top quality brewer offers a unique design with a clip-on fascia that’s available in five different colors, allowing the look to be customized to your office décor. This is a high capacity machine which offers a selection of three different whole beans and two bins for milk and chocolate powders, providing a complete selection of beverages.

The Encore machine offers a unique global management system, Sophia. Sophia is a digital access platform allowing you to easily manage and control content on the machine’s touchscreen. This content can be still images or videos used to connect with your guests and employees. Especially great for customer facing businesses as it is a totally unique offering and creates world class impact thus allowing you to free your mind.

Dimensions: 39 ½” high x 11″ wide x 26″ deep
Employee count: 60+


Download  Cafection PDF Download Sophia PDF


Necta Krea Touch

The Necta Krea Touch is one of the most elegant bean to cup machines available on the market today. It offers the widest variety of drink selections as it offers whole beans, four solubles and a pre-ground coffee bin, perfect for decaf. The wide touchscreen and user friendly interface provide a great platform to brand the machine with your logo and the perimeter light can be changed to illuminate different colors to accent your office’s décor.

Dimensions: 30” high x 16” wide x 22” deep
Offers touch virtual, no-touch ordering
Employee count: 60+

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Eccelenza Touch

The Eccelenza Touch is the latest bean to cup machine offering a wide variety of bean to cup and specialty beverages. The high definition user friendly, 10” touchscreen simplifies the selection process creating an amazing customer experience. The machine offers two whole bean selections and three powder bins. Providing a full assortment of beverages.

Dimensions: 28″ high x 20″ wide x 20.25″ deep
Employee count: 60+

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Newco Café Espresso

The Café Espresso is a one step solution that offers Espresso based drinks using fresh milk. The machine is intimately designed and does not allow the capabilities to be directly plumbed into a water source. It comes with an option for a mini-fridge to accompany the machine, keeping the fresh milk proper storage temperature.

Dimensions: 23.5″ high x 12″ wide x 18″ deep
Employee count: 25 – 45


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Starbucks Serenade

Beautifully captivating. Genuinely Starbucks.

With engaging content on its 17” screen, With engaging content on its enhanced 17” screen, the Serenade™ single-cup brewer brings the Starbucks brand to life with a genuine experience offering three selections of whole beans plus hot chocolate and chai tea that’s conveniently self-serve.

Dimensions: 40″ high x 20″ wide x 23″ deep
Offers touch virtual, no-touch ordering
Employee count: 60+
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Cafection Total Lite

A Hybrid Bean to Cup Solution!

Cafection’s Total Lite is a sleek and compact machine minimizing space requirements, available in black or stainless steel, the machine offers a selection of three whole bean coffees and two bins for milk and chocolate powders. The 7” touchscreen is available to be configured with a digital image of your choice and the machine is one of the more proven solutions available on the market today.

*This machine has been credentialed by Starbucks corporate to offer their tailored recipes and digital stories during the brewing process.  

Dimensions: 40″ high x 14″ wide x 23″ deep
Offers touch virtual, no-touch ordering
Employees: 50+

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